CPA Board of Directors

Chairman: Professor Sir Duncan Nichol
Company Officers:
Chief Executive: Mr Paul Stennett
Executive Manager: Mrs Cheryl Blair
PAC Chairman: Dr John Goepel
STEG Chairman: Dr John Wood
Secretary to the Meeting: Mrs Susan Allison
Royal College of Pathologists: Dr Tim Wreghitt
Mr Daniel Ross
Dr John Old
Dr Archie Prentice
Association of Clinical Pathologists: Dr Michael Galloway
Institute of Biomedical Science: Mr John Stevens
  Mr Gordon Sutehall
Institute of Healthcare Management: Mr Gerry McSorley
  Mr William Coales
  Mrs Hazel Scott
Association of Clinical Biochemistry: Dr Stephen Smith
English Community Care Association: Mr Martin Green
Independent Healthcare Advisory Services: Ms Sally Taber
Department of Health, England: Dr Deirdre Feehan
Scottish Office: Dr Aileen Keel/Dr Jocelyn Imrie
Welsh Office: Dr Owen Crawley/Mrs Jennifer Frost
Northern Ireland: Dr Martin Donnelly
Joint Working Group Chairman: Dr Alec Howat
Solicitor: Mr Richard Kay
Auditor: Mr Dominic Staniforth